HVAC installation, service and upgrades mean the comfort of your whole home is better

From furnace installation to whole-house humidification and ventilation, All Star Mechanical works to keep your home’s environment just the way you like it.

Your home’s comfort depends on how well these systems work! If you’ve never really considered your home’s heating & cooling systems as anything more than those big hulking things taking up your basement real estate, consider the work they have to do! They heat up the air, humidify it, force it through hundreds of feet of ducts to every room in your home, creating that toasty-warm vent next to your couch. Or they cool, dehumidify the air and create that wonderful spot on the upstairs bathroom tile floor that the dog loves to lay in the summer. What these before-after gallery pics show is a commitment to working with your existing systems to keep your home comfortable, whether it’s in the dog days of August or the frigid depths of January.

You can see from our gallery that upgrading your furnace, humidifier and A/C often involves replacing equipment that is old, inefficient and maybe not even the right size for your home! And, too, that your basement looks like your neighbor’s basement.