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All Star Mechanical is Lansing’s residential heating and cooling, furnace & AC repair and installation All Stars! Let our team help you!

You have a lot of choices of who to hire for your heating & cooling, but there’s none like us!

Residential heating & cooling repair, installation and support with more than just great service. We’re a referral-based business providing the type of service you should expect. Making decisions based upon a flawless experience. A Company with a Conscience, truly keeping your interests first, above even our own.

I spent many years working for other people. One day I realized that I needed the freedom to do more for the customer than what I was able to do working for someone. In 2007 I broke the chains. Now we do all that we can to make sure you feel like a star.

Larry Kirchhoff | All Star Mechanical

Why you should choose All Star Mechanical for your heating and cooling

The tools are the same. The equipment is the same. What’s different are the people. We are different. A major furnace or air conditioning system installation should only happen every 15 – 20 years. With proper yearly maintenance you’ll save energy and money. Get the job done right the first time with All Star Mechanical.

Lansing’s All Star Mechanical is your all-star residential heating & cooling repair, installation and support team!

Top of the line equipment from Trane, matched with top of the line service

Top of the line is always on our mind. Top of the line means Trane furnaces, AC units, filtration, and humidification. We keep it simple. Trane has the history and track record of being tops in the industry. Trane is the third all star in All Star Mechanical residential heating and cooling service.

We live here. We are Lansing. I saw Matthew take a stance against police brutality by taking a knee at a high school football game. Being a Colin Kaepernick supporter, I knew I had to follow my heart. I took a knee next to Matthew in solidarity. From that grew a business partnership built on integrity.

We are a company with conscience. Read more at the link at left, or follow us on social media.

Our Team Matters

Meet Matthew (on the left): “I’ve been working with Larry (on the right) since 2016. He’s taught me how to take my philosophy of living with integrity into the field. Together with our whole team, we’re going to make heating and cooling recommendations that fit the exact need for your home.”

Larry says “I remember when I could take all of the credit for doing all of the work. It is rewarding that I have a crew that can live up to the standards I have set for this company. I can’t take all of the credit anymore. Matthew, Chris, Domenic, and Nick are out here setting the bar for everyone else in this field. Nobody does what we do, and it’s not even close. The only thing I wish is that we could do this for everyone, but we haven’t figured out how to clone ourselves yet. We are second to none, and we’ve grown at a pace that allows us to continue to do the absolute best job and have your bests interests in mind when we do have the opportunity.” – Larry

Lansing Top of the Town heating & cooling company of 2022
Thank you, Lansing! We’ve been voted Top of the Town #1 Heating & Cooling company in Lansing! Woo hoo! But, winter is still coming…

Trane Sales & Service

Top of the line is always on our mind. Top of the line means Trane furnaces, A/C units, filtration, and humidification. We keep it simple. Trane has the history and track record of being tops in the industry. Trane is the third all star in All Star Mechanical residential heating and cooling services.

Lansing All Star Mechanical A/C Repair

We Work For You

Our satisfaction comes from getting you what you need in a timely, efficient, cost effective manner. We don’t work for a HVAC manufacturer. We work for you. Most of our customers come from referrals. We are going to let you know exactly what goes into making your home comfortable throughout the year. This isn’t just words on the screen. We talk the talk and walk the walk that puts your interests first. You can take that to the bank.

It is my goal to provide not only the best service and the best product, but also to prove to you why. Specializing in residential heating and cooling, I will treat your home as if it were my own.

Larry Kirchhoff

We service all of Lansing with residential heating and cooling

From Lansing to East Lansing, from Haslett and Williamston on the east to Grand Ledge on the west, DeWitt on our north to Holt and Mason to our south – All Star Mechanical residential heating & cooling repair, installation and support provides our entire community with the right service.

Lansing All Star Mechanical
We love Lansing! We love East Lansing, DeWitt, Grand Ledge, Holt, St. Johns and Mason too!

How can we help?

Need a little help paying for that new furnace or air conditioner?

MISaves is a program that you can use to get financing for qualified home improvement projects like energy-saving furnaces and air conditioners. This program is available to anyone in Michigan, and residential HVAC is an eligible program purchase.

MI SAVES authorized heating, cooling HVAC furnace authorized contractor

The award for the BEST review of All Star Mechanical goes to our clients Zack and Lauren (trust us, it’s worth the read!)

Larry and the staff at All Star Mechanical are outstanding. The choices on which furnace and air conditioning units to pick, as well as when to replace them, were some of the easiest buying decisions my wife and I have ever made because they’ve earned our complete trust. My normal approach to any large purchase would be to research the topic to death and compare prices among several competitors. That step was completely unnecessary with this decision because I know that Larry would only recommend what was truly in our best interest.

I came into this process knowing I wanted a high-efficiency setup and could have easily been convinced that spending extra money was justifiable. But Larry was clear on where there was a return on investment and where there wasn’t, even if that meant less revenue for him. When we decided it was finally time to replace our ageing units, I expected a significant wait time given that it was literally the coldest week of the winter season so far. Yet, they had a team parked in our driveway in less than 48 hours, ready to go. The installation seemed exhaustive given that the unit being replaced was ancient, yet they worked tirelessly for over ten hours to make sure that we would have our heat back on. They were friendly, exceedingly professional, and great with our easy-to-spook pets. The basement was literally cleaner when they left than it was when they arrived.

We’ve now had the furnace for a couple days and I’m shocked with how great it is. I would have never though a two-stage natural gas forced air heating system with a variable speed ECM would have made the list for one of my favorite purchases for the house so far, but it’s now easily up there with our upgraded kitchen appliances and 60” 4K TV. We had become accustomed to the noise of our old unit; the rattling of the glassware as it kicked on the blower had become part of the 100+ year old house’s charm. We had gotten used to bundling up to watch TV in our drafty living room at night; it was our own cute take on “Netflix and chill”. Then we were thrust into modernity by Larry and his team.

The new unit is so quiet that when I, in my geeky curiosity, went into the basement to watch the furnace cycle on, I had nearly convinced myself that it must be broken because I had heard the flame ignite but after 5 minutes the blower was still off. Then, when I finally went back upstairs and put face in front of a register, I realized it had actually been on the whole time.

We can now catch up on the latest episodes of Ice Road Truckers without having to feel like we’re actually there.

It took a little while to get the house back up to temperature after the installation – it was, after all, 1 degree Fahrenheit outside at the time. Larry took the time to explain to me that in order to get the best efficiency, you want to get a furnace with just enough power to heat your home, but not too much. The way I understood it, since I wanted to save on my gas bill and do my part to not light the Earth on fire, he had recommended a Prius, so I shouldn’t be surprised when it can’t put out the power of a supercharged V8. Once it had reached a comfortable temperature, though, our home was substantially more comfortable than even the best day with the old furnace. Because it runs more constantly, our new furnace keeps the previously-freezing corners of the house at a much more consistent, comfortable temperature.We would recommend All Star Mechanical to any friend, family member, or arch nemesis. They showed me that even my highest, most unreasonable expectations could still be blown out of the water by their kindness, talent, and attention to detail. Choosing any other contractor for your HVAC needs would objectively be a mistake. — at All Star Mechanical.

–– Zack and Lauren W. , Lansing