All Star Mechanical furnace and air conditioning installation in a gallery! HVAC installation, service and upgrades. The comfort of your whole home is better when your system works correctly. View our gallery of All Star Mechanical furnace and air conditioning installations below.

We work in a field that isn’t glamorous under any condition, but we do try to bring some pizazz to it. Nobody shows off their new furnace, so we do it for you 😁.

From furnace installation to whole-house humidification and ventilation, All Star Mechanical works to keep your home’s environment just the way you like it. Our All Star Mechanical furnace installations may not seem exciting, but in each one of these homes, the families are more comfortable after their repair and upgrade.

Your home’s comfort depends on how well these systems work! If you’ve never really considered your home’s heating & cooling systems as anything more than those big hulking things taking up your basement real estate, consider the work they have to do! They heat up the air, humidify it, force it through hundreds of feet of ducts to every room in your home, creating that toasty-warm vent next to your couch. Or they cool, dehumidify the air and create that wonderful spot on the upstairs bathroom tile floor that the dog loves to lay in the summer. What these before-after gallery pics show is a commitment to working with your existing systems to keep your home comfortable, whether it’s in the dog days of August or the frigid depths of January.

You can see from our All Star Mechanical furnace installations that upgrading your furnace, humidifier and A/C often involves replacing equipment that is old, inefficient and maybe not even the right size for your home! And, too, that your basement looks like your neighbor’s basement.

If you follow us on Facebook (and you really should) you know that we offer HVAC with Heart ™ and we post about social and racial justice – but we also pour our heart and love into our work. Each of these homeowners desperately needed heat or A/C and our team works hard for each one, as if they were our only customer – you!

All Star Mechanical furnace and air conditioning installations:

A whole lot of Lansing-area residents are feeling comfortable this summer with our A/C and furnace installations around town. Is your house in here? We know basement furnaces and outside central air A/C systems aren’t sexy… but they’re essential! And we’re happy you trusted us to replace and repair yours.

If you haven’t noticed, we replace a LOT of furnace and air conditioning systems in the Lansing area. A LOT. These are just the homes that got new ones (we fix them too!). Don’t they look nice?! They’re even nicer than they look! They keep the houses they are in warm (or cool) without any worry at all.

When the All Star Mechanical team is on the job, it gets done right!

Lansing All Star Mechanical cooling between upstairs and downstairs

January/February 2024 furnace upgrades (original left, new on the right, except this really pretty one below where we have the finished product!) Nobody shares photos of their new furnace – and yet, it’s one of the bigger home maintenance items you’ll purchase. Why not? We do it for you! Happy New Furnace day to these folks who are cozied up in their homes worry-free. In many of these cases we downsized their furnaces. Read why here.

Below, one of our favorite before and after – in a small crawl space!

Below, a few afters we didn’t get befores of – but you can just see the quality of the installs!

And more before and afters that really showcase the quality of the upgrade. No one loves their furnace or A/C unless it’s 32 degrees or 87 degrees – and then you LOVE it!

2020 & 2019 Gallery of Furnace and A/C installs (see any basements that look familiar?)

You can also check out our Facebook page for more installation (and HVAC with heart!) You’ll gauge the character of our team, the passion and care with which we approach everything – from HVAC to social justice. Yeah, we’ve got opinions on it all.