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What size furnace or A/C unit does your home need?

Does your HVAC company oversell you on a big unit you don’t need? You might not need that giant furnace or A/C unit. Larry explores this in a short interview by Lansing’s own WLAJ 53.

Everyone’s home is different, but the biggest thing we see is that most HVAC companies over-install something too big (that includes new builds). This causes your HVAC system to cycle on and off more frequently, causing wear and tear. Larry breaks it down, and it’s a short video, under a minute. Worth your time if you’re investing in a furnace or A/C unit now.

What do I do if my furnace isn’t working?

Help! Furnace won’t turn on! Did you just do that Google search?

Before you call All Star Mechanical to fix your furnace that isn’t working, check these three things: 1) do you have power to your furnace (there is usually a switch nearby your furnace) 2) Do you have power/battery power to your thermostat and 3) do you have a clean furnace filter in?

We’d love to earn your business, and we’d love to help! If these three simple steps aren’t working, give us a call!

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On todays episode of This Old House, we transform and bring the HVAC to the 21st century. Home built in 1875!
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All Star Mechanical
I’ve heard this saying for my entire life. The first step is to acknowledge there is a problem. We still seem to be in the denial stage. I’m not even sure that enough people actually believe that many of the problems we see are correlated.

Adding funding to one systemic pronblrm while ignoring others is making things worse.

We are not only watching police kill people in real time, and accepting it, we are fostering and nurturing home grown racist sentiments. More killings will be televised, but will the revolution?
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All Star Mechanical
Ayyyeee (as my kids would say)