Let love rule: a message about civility from your HVAC Pro and fellow human

- Updated October 30, 2023

The far right masculine bravado masks a deep cowardice of the modern world. They have devolved to more prehistoric tactics of pounding their chests and riling up those primitive instincts to convince anyone who might be influenced by fear, that what’s comfortable to them is at risk of being lost, when in actuality, what they fear is the unknown. And what they don’t know, is that if they’d let go of their fear, they’d open their minds to understanding. They’d soon realize that their fears are their own worst enemies, and behind that fear is acceptance, because fear is something WE ALL have in common. Fear has been used to divide because it’s easier than understanding. Understanding takes effort.

Fear requires nothing but teaming up in numbers to alienate those who don’t submit to societal constructs. It’s unnatural. Fear begets fear.

Love beget understanding. It requires effort. It requires forgiveness. It uplifts and empowers us to be our authentic selves.

What makes a society safe is not god, not organized religion, societal norms, or acceptable constructs based on nationalistic ideology. What makes a society safe is compassion and tolerance. What is happening is a breakdown of civilization, our ability to be civilized.

am personally saddened by the image we have been reduced to as Americans. I grew up believing we were the envy of the world. That we were first of all, free; but we were also supposedly leading the world by setting the example for the rest of the world in kindness, in civility, and humility. Instead, we have proven by our own actions that we can’t even take care of our own, let alone lead the world. Our corporations continue to exploit their workers in the name of greed. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Our politicians can’t get elected unless they can raise millions for a campaign and that type of money carries strings. The representation is often tainted by racism and classism. The police enforce laws but not equally, and the justice system protects them when they abuse their authority.

The poor and the underprivileged are the ones who are on the receiving end of injustice. People are getting sick and becoming broke while insurance companies profit off of their misery. Teachers buy supplies for their students out of their less than honorable wages, while bureaucrats deliberately deny funding to one of the most important institutions we have. Our higher learning has become unattainable for most people and drowns many who do go in insurmountable debt. Land and property were the staple of the American dream, and now wages have not kept up with living expenses, let alone housing, which has become a profession that often exacerbates an already unhealthy living situation with an unhealthy home situation. I’m just scratching the surface of what saddens me.

The symbols we display have lost their significance. The scales of lady justice have tipped with judges who are not blind, but rather have been partial to showing favor for those who make contributions to their extravagance. The term patriot has been reduced to someone who shouts about the second amendment but claims nothing can be done about the blood shed daily while they turn a blind eye. Even the flag has become a reduction of freedom because according to many, I don’t deserve to be here and I should move. The same people who would banish me fly the confederate flag alongside the Stars and Stripes as if they are equally American.

I have my own fears. I refuse to let my fears define me. I have made efforts to claim them and it has opened my eyes. I’m not gay, but I can see where my silence in the past was a contribution to the violence against them. I’m not black, but I can see where my privilege has afforded me more opportunity when someone else was denied for only one reason. As I listen to the rhetoric, I remember when I didn’t have the understanding I do now, and I understand how irrational that fear was. My personal revolution is rooted in love. My hope is that more and more people will choose love over fear. We are more than big salaries, big churches, big guns, big trucks, and a plate full of bacon.

People who are intellectually honest must be in earnest with justice and fear no consequences by speaking truth to power even if those in the public spotlight resort to their most primal instincts and use fear for power and respect, but what may appear as respect, is often just fear of losing power.

Let love rule

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I’m all for a good thwarting but I feel a little icky for registering with Turning Point USA 😂
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Crawl spaces are never easy, but when they’re finished, it’s rewarding. This was hard work, and it’s beautiful if I say so myself. It’s art and I call this one “The Immaculate Installation”.
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