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All Star Mechanical
All Star Mechanical2 days ago
When finishing your basement, a good contractor will not put a wall in front of of the furnace, or at least have the door placed directly in front of the furnace so that you can service it. Whoever did this limited making ceryain repairs, so when we replaced the furnace we flipped it 180°. We solve problems 😂😂 Old furnace pics first group, new furnace pics second group.
All Star Mechanical
All Star Mechanical6 days ago
This is what infuriates me. I’ve attached pictures but cropped the customers information out of the first pic. Also attached are pictures of the primary heat exchanger that they claim has “several holes forming”. The secondary heat exchanger did not have a hole in it either, however, it was plugged. The tactics this company used were beyond unprofessional, they were outright dishonest and predatory.
All Star Mechanical
All Star Mechanical1 week ago
I have to share this with you all. Honestly it’s just a miracle and we all love a happy ending.
All Star Mechanical
All Star Mechanical2 weeks ago
Feb 09, 2024 59° and installing another AC
Before and after photos.